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 Beach Wall Art

We have been designing and selling tropical gifts, metal wall art, nautical decor and beach decor for over 20 years. Our designers are American and their creations are inspired by nature, whimsy and their artistic flair. The metal wall art and metal wall sculptures we sell are reproductions of the artist’s original metal wall art designs. The use of metal wall art has become an increasingly popular alternative to the usual prints or paintings among home owners and decorators.

Our metal wall art looks great on large walls, where several pieces can be added to make a statement. More versatile than traditional art forms, metal wall art adds not only color and style, but dimension and light to wall spaces. Smaller walls or tight corners can also be decorated by hanging a smaller metal wall art item that can complement the metal wall sculpture on your statement wall. Since this art is not confined to a frame, it offers more creative decorating options and can have more impact on your room than traditional wall coverings and art.

Our Metal Wall Art Pledge
Our metal wall art, nautical decor, beach decor and tropical gifts are of the highest quality and are value priced. We work closely with our designers and manufacturers to offer unique designs by American artists. Your investment in our superior design and quality metal wall art will give your family value and enjoyment for years to come.

Beach Wall Art – What to look for when buying
With the increase in popularity of metal wall art, we are seeing a large quantity of inferior products coming from China. Poor quality in painting and the use of cheaper, thinner metals have flooded the US market. Often, the lack of prepping the metals before painting will cause rusting several months after your purchase of these items. Lacking quality control, an increase in the use of lead paint in the Chinese metal wall art and metal wall sculptures has been noted. The use of lead in paints is a major safety concern, especially around young children who are most vulnerable to its effects. Chinese importers are known for copying and stealing American designs, making inferior copies and not paying royalties to the US designers, which enables them to cut their prices.

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